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~ Horse and Ponies. Teaching people the language equus ~

Our ponies are Welsh Mountain and Shetland Ponies and vary between 10 HH and 11.3 HH.

Ponies are natural entertainers and give families a fresh, light-hearted look at how ponies and humans can learn to work together, with trust and patience.

... Far from the city lights and sounds of excited children balloons and bouncy castles, there, tucked away in a grassy paddock lives Lorraine's Party Ponies Lorraine and her children.

We allow our Ponies the freedom to graze peacefully in their social groups and their natural surroundings. Maintaing their natural social structure is paramount to their well being and hence their performance on the day.

I believe if Ponies own any part of their day when they're not at work or in training, it is when they're feeding or out in the paddock grazing.

It is important to remember, for us to live in the horses world, we need to think like a horse and keep it natural.

... Before Pony Parties and Natural Horsemanship... I competed in showjumping.

I understand the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship through Sam Watson of Horses and Horsemen, Louise Atkinson of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, and naturally my Ponies, teaching me their language equas.